The Saskatoon Japanese Association (SJA), established in 1976 by four families (Takaya, Otsu, Oyama, and Ito) in Saskatoon, originally functioned as a Japanese school for language and culture. At the same time, SJA participated in Saskatoon Folkfest at the Bessborough Hotel with traditional tea ceremony, flower arrangement, calligraphy, and Japanese food. Years later, kendo and taiko have been added to Folkfest.
In earlier years, SJA helped expand learning opportunities for Japanese and Canadian exchange students. Every year, dedicated volunteers with SJA provide community activities to celebrate Japanese culture. Sports Day and a New Year’s party are 2 major events put on by SJA.
The Saskatoon Japanese Association looks forward to growing and continuing to serve the local Japanese community along with anyone interested in learning more about or maintaining connections to Japanese language and culture.

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